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About Portfolio

My online Portfolio  created in Writers Work, a paid app, connects end users to employers hiring freelance writers. Writers Work deploys Intercom for its products support. The App seamlessly integrates with WordPress. Payments are processed by Stripe.

About Writing Services

Here is a brief description of the 15 categories of writing services.

1. Blog Posts

  • Blog posts are written articles on a specific topic.

2. Copywriting

  • Copywriting is content conveyed through online media and print materials.

3. Creative Copywriting

  • Creative copywriting is content conveyed through online media or print materials that compels readers to take action.

4. Direct Mail

  • Direct mail is printed advertisements sent to a physical address.

5. Direct Response

  • Direct response is marketing designed for an immediate action from feedback.

6. Display Ads

  • Display ads is advertising on websites to deliver general advertisements and brand awareness to site visitors.

7. eBooks and White Papers

  • An eBook is an online book that visitors can download. A white paper is an authoritative report that informs readers about a complex issue and presents the issuer’s belief on the matter.

8. Email

  • Email is a virtual, online mailbox.

9. Landing Pages

  • A landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign.

10. Press Releases

  • A press release is an official statement delivered to news media.

11. Script Writing

  • Script writing, also called screenwriting, is the art and craft of writing scripts for mass media such as feature films, television productions, video games, or advertisements.

12. Search Advertising

  • Search advertising is a method of placing online advertisements on web pages that show results from search engine queries to match key search word terms.

13. SEO Copywriting

  • Copywriting is material conveyed through online media and print materials. Content is primarily used for advertising and marketing purposes to persuade a person or target group as well as increase brand awareness.

14. Social Media

  • Social media is web-based sites that allow users to interact with each other.

15. Web Copy

  • Web copy is text specifically created for use on web pages.

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