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     Welcome to Xbox LIVE Official Blog Site. Microsoft Corporation migrated Windows Live Spaces to WordPress. Our Spaces site was imported to WordPress on October 2, 2010. Microsoft Partner ID 1649563: Masterpiece Creations By Cristie & Co.
     This site has been created for developers and gamers to interact with each other. Simply enable the Comments feature on your blog’s posts. Anything goes here, so you can add anything you like or dislike about everything Xbox. This includes all platforms of media content: apps, music, video games and your game cheat sheets. Don’t worry we know that you cheat. We are aware of how and with whom, too. Unlike LIVE chat on Xbox LIVE, your entire conversation gets published and archived.
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     It is recommended that you review your Archives and remove any broken links. By doing so, you significantly increase your blog’s rank on search engines and update your content with fresh,new threads related to your blog’s topic. Most importantly, this SEO technique improves your blog’s bandwidth.
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