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Manage your subscriptions like Xbox Live and Groove Music at account dot microsoft dot com.  Go to  account dot microsoft dot com and on the menu bar click Services & subscriptions. Each of your subscriptions is listed here. You can change the payment method, turn off auto renewal, and pay outstanding balances.

Click Pay now to change the payment method for an outstanding balance. Choose an option from the drop down box or Add a new way to pay. Choose a payment method tied to a credit or debt account. Outstanding balances can’t be paid using a prepaid card or a subscription token.

To see details about your account select Your info. From here you can view and update all your account information. For your purchase history head over to Payment & billing and select Order history. To set up a new account or manage an existing family account select Family. Here you can see your child accounts or Add a new child, Check recent activity, and More.

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